Rick Springfield’s Sold-Out Movie Premiere and Appearance Draws Large Crowd at Florida Film Festival

Rick Springfield has accomplished many feats during his career—rock star, actor, author and now his own fan documentary An Affair of the Heart, produced by local Orlandoans and gal pals Melanie Lentz-Janney and Sylvia Caminer.

Filmmakers Melanie Lentz-Janney and Sylvia Caminer strike a pose with the Yellow Rick Road sign on the red carpet during the world premiere of An Affair of the Heart at the 21st Annual Florida Film Festival.

Photo by Sandra Carr

An Affair of the Heart, a film named after one of Springfield’s hits on the Living in Oz album,  highlights the musician’s relationship with his devoted fans. The movie set a Florida Film Festival record with his premiere and appearance on April 19 selling out in an hour after the tickets went on sale on March 21 at the Enzian Theater in Maitland, Fla. and caused a fan frenzy for a coveted ticket. Fans lined up beginning at 7:30 a.m. for a chance at receiving a stand-by ticket and I’m happy to report that every single fan was able to get in the door to see the film and pop star.

Rick Springfield and Dustin Walker in An Affair of the Heart.

Image courtesy of the Florida Film Festival

New Jersey fans and moms  Sue DeVita and JoAnn Camporeale became friends because of Springfield and are featured in the flick.  The duo was excited to be at the Florida Film Festival and enjoys having some girl bonding and reliving their teen fandom during Springfield concert getaways. The mothers could relate to reality TV and movie stars during filming and provided the producers with all-access and full-disclosure.

“It was kind of surreal and we really didn’t know how in-depth it would be,” explains Camporeale. “I pictured us being filmed with our friends in a crowd but when they placed the mics on us and the cameras were in our faces, then we realized it was more than that! We also didn’t know how deep they got with the other fan stories in the documentary until watching it for the first time.”

Their families were supportive and were featured in the film, too.

“Our husbands were excited for us and thought it was cute,” says DeVita. “We didn’t know they had interviewed our husbands. It was a surprise! We were so glad to be a part of the film.”

(l-r) Rick Springfield fans JoAnn Camporeale and Sue DeVita are featured in An Affair of the Heart.

Photo by Sandra Carr

Rock ‘n’ roller Dustin Walker, 16, has idolized Springfield since he  was a toddler. He has followed in his fave rock-star’s footsteps by forming and playing in a band called Talking to Strangers, which pays homage to Springfield and his hit “Don’t Talk to Strangers.” It was a thrill for him to be featured in the documentary as well as performing live with Springfield on stage during “Victoria’s Secret” in his hometown Joliet, Ill. He channels Springfield entirely.

“Rick invited me backstage after bringing me on stage when I was 2-years-old and said he was going to be my Uncle Rick, and ever since then I have met him at his performances. He has really been my inspiration—in the music that I write to the bracelets and clothes that I wear down to my Converse. He’s my hero.”

Musician Dustin Walker performs for fans before the world premiere of An Affair of the Heart during the 21st Annual Florida Film Festival.

Photo by Sandra Carr

Springfield was pleased with his first documentary, An Affair of the Heart and appreciated the fan’s support during the world premiere at the Florida Film Festival.

“Having the Florida Film Festival premiere sell out in one hour during my 40-year career was good news,” he says. “The film crew followed me and the band around for about a year. It got pretty tough at times but it was really amazing what they [Lentz-Janney and Caminer] did. They promised something very different [fan stories] and they delivered. “

Journalist and blogger Sandra Carr interviews Rick Springfield during the An Affair of the Heart world premiere at the 21st Annual Florida Film Festival.

Photo by Tanya Hanson

His new album is almost finished but Springfield could only reveal few details or my life would be in danger since the release was top secret. However, he was excited to discuss the fan’s participation on the record.

“Having the fans sing on a rock record is a first. People are sending us [videos of fans singing on YouTube] their voice and we’re going to have them sing along with us on the record.”

Rick Springfield appears on the red carpet during the world premiere of An Affair of the Heart at the 21st Annual Florida Film Festival.

Photo by Sandra Carr

Springfield performed on American Bandstand numerous times and was honored to know Dick Clark, who passed away recently at the age of 82. Clark gave him a tip that he will never forget.

“Dick Clark taught me how to get rid of zits,” he recalls. “When I was 22-years-old, he said you take the sticky part of the Band-Aid and you put it on the zit and when you go to sleep, it will be gone. I have used it ever since and it’s really bizarre because I was doing it the night that he died. I was thinking about him and found out about his death afterwards. He was an amazing and incredible guy and helped me and so many people. He really was the nice and lovely guy that you saw on TV.”

(l-r) Dick Clark interviewing Rick Springfield on American Bandstand on Sept. 13, 1969.

Image courtesy of ABC Photo Archive/Getty Images

Fans were able to get up-close and personal with their rock-god during a Q&A following the film.  Springfield spoke eloquently about his passion for dogs and discussed his new pup Bindi. He was like a proud papa and admitted having lot of photos of Bindi on his phone and said the pooch thought his face was a chew toy. He plans to adopt a rescue dog in the future. He also showed his inner-geek by admitting he was a Sci-Fi fan and that Star Wars was one of his favorite films.

Rick Springfield answers a question during a Q&A following the world premiere of An Affair of the Heart at the 21st Annual Florida Film Festival.

Photo by Tanya Hanson

Springfield appreciated the movie-experience and sees his fans in a different light since filming An Affair of the Heart.

“I actually see them more as human beings now. Their life goes on after the lights turn off and I’m very aware of that now. Usually, as human beings, the person you’re talking to shuts down like C-3PO once you get into your car and drive away and they no longer exist. That’s kind of like how we treat the world. A movie like this showed me that their lives don’t stop once I leave the theater.”

Besides Springfield and his fans showing their adoration for the film, the Florida Film Festival’s jury has also spoken, giving the filmmakers one award under their belt so far. Director Sylvia Caminer received the Special Grand Jury Award for Outstanding Direction for An Affair of the Heart at the 21st Annual Florida Film Festival’s awards brunch on April 21.

(l-r) Sylvia Caminer and Melanie Lentz-Janney pose proudly with their Special Grand Jury Award for Outstanding Direction for An Affair of the Heart at the 21st Annual Florida Film Festival.

Image courtesy of Yellow Rick Road Productions

After the Florida Film Festival, the documentary will be appearing in the Nashville Film Festival (April 19-26) in Nashville, Tenn. and the HOT DOCS film festival in Toronto, Canada, the number one documentary film festival in North America (April 26-May 6).

Assist with An Affair of the Heart being seen at other film festivals across the country, on TV and a DVD release by donating funds at http://www.indiegogo.com/An-Affair-of-the-Heart through Wednesday, April 25. The film’s goal is $25,000. All proceeds will go towards the marketing aspects of the film. For more information about An Affair of the Heart, visit http://rickspringfielddoc.com/news.html.

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